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Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Issues held and contents

Volume 64 (2010)
No. 3,4 (Fall/Winter 2010)
No. 1,2 (Spring/Summer 2010)

Volume 63 (2009)
No. 3,4 (Fall/Winter 2009)
No. 1,2 (Spring/Summer 2009)

Volume 64 (2010)

No. 3,4 (Fall/Winter)
Ashby, Homer U. and David Verner, 'Do pastoral counselors have a duty to report clergy sexual abuse done by their clergy clients?', 1. pp. 1-11
Grassman, Eva Jeppsson et al, 'Spiritual care in the last phase of life: a comparison between the Church of Sweden and the Church of Finland', 2. pp. 1-10
Landes, Scott D., 'Deliberating death', 3. pp. 1-9
Little, N. Keith, 'Clinical pastoral education as professional training: some entrance, curriculum and assessment implications', 4. pp. 1-8
Barnes, Peter, 'Transforming illness into choice: a spiritual perspective', 5. pp. 9
Clendenen, Avis, 'Accidental killers and their long lament', 6. pp. 1-9


No. 1,2 (Spring/Summer)
O'Connor, Thomas St James et al, 'In the beginning: a Canadian ethnographic study on sources and definitions of spiritual reflection used by health care professionals who are not chaplains', 1. pp. 1-15
Fischer, Regina Santamäki et al, 'Feeling whole: the meaning of being consoled narrated by very old people', 2. pp.1-12
Landes, Scott D., 'Practicing discernment: pastoral care in crisis situations', 3. pp. 1-8
LaMother, Ryan, 'The tabook of politics in pastoral counseling', 4. pp. 1-15
Blaine-Wallace, William Edwards, 'The voice of silence in pastoral conversation', 5. pp

Volume 63 (2009)

No. 3,4 (Fall/Winter)
Bisschops, Anke M., 'Spiritual disciplines, modern brain resesarch and Bosch's psychological model of human dysfunction', 1. pp.1-9
Fowler, Dawnovise N. and Michele A. Rountree, 'Exploring the meaning and role of spirituality for women survivors of intimate partner abuse', 2. pp. 1-13
Hausmann, Eugene and Mary Spooner, 'Does pastoral counseling work? A pilot study of delinquent boys', 3. pp. 1-9
Gostecnik, Christian, Tanje Repic and Robert Cvetek, 'Insecure attachment in couples' relationships', 4. pp. 1-9
Helsel, Philip Browning, 'Liminality in death care: the grief-work of pastors', 4. pp.8
VanLoon,  Preston, 'The practice of interpersonal forgiveness in the personal and profession lives of clergy', 5. pp.9
Piderman, Katherine M. and Mary E. Johnson, 'Hospital chaplains' involvement in a randomized controlled multidisciplinary trial: implicatiosn for spiritual care and research', 6. pp. 1-6
Livingston, Barbara E. et al, 'Pastoral formation process for seminarians: a new model for developing psychologically healthy pastors', 7. pp.1-7
Ragsdale, Judith R., Elizabeth L. Hollowayy and Steven S. Ivy, 'Educating CPE supervisors: a grounded theory study', 8. pp. 1-14
Clarke, Joseph H., 'The therapeutic covenatn: a psychotheological pathway to dynamic engagement', 9. pp. 1-10
McColl, Mary Ann and Richard S. Ascough, 'Jesus and people with disabilities: old stories, new approaches'. 10. pp. 1-11
Bradley, Joe, 'Defining and overcoming barriers between Euro-American chaplains and African American families', 11. pp.1-7
Kuchan, Karen L., 'The metaphor of experience and the experience of metaphor: critical reflection on a contemplative process toward aliveness and compassion', 12. pp.1-13


No. 1,2 (Spring/Summer)
Moriichi, Shuki, 'Re-discovery of silence in pastoral care', 1. 6pp.
Fitchet, George, 'Screening for spiritual struggle', 2. 12pp.
Leaman, Mel, 'Love's angry lament: confronting our anger with God: based on Lamentations 1-3', 3. 11pp.
Galek, Kathleen et al, 'Topography of referrals to chaplains in the metropolitan chaplaincy study', 4. 13pp.
Capps, Donald, 'Pastoral images: the Good Samaritan and the Unjust Judge', 5. 11pp.
Gelo, Florence, 'Countertransference reactions in treatment with the bereaved', 6. 7pp.
Flannelly, Kevin J. et al, 'The correlates of chaplains' effectiveness in meeting the spiritual/religious and emotional needs of patients', 7. 15pp.
Woodland, Gloria J. and Carolyn M. Taylor, 'Implications for the delivery of spiritual care in Canadian healthcare: a perspective from a Canadian health authority', 8. 10pp.
Nance, M. Susan, Kenneth E. Ramsey and J. Anthony Leachman, 'Chaplaincy care pathways and clinical pastoral education', 9. 4pp.


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Transforming time: eschatology and the New Testament
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