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International Review of Mission

International Review of Mission

Issues held and contents

Volume 99 (2010)
No 2 (November)
No 1 (April)

Volume 98 (2009)
No 2 (November)

International Review of Mission 99 (2010)

Volume 99 No 2 Mission and Creation
Aránzazu Aguado, Maria, 'Mission spirituality and care for creation: an introduction', pp. 175-180
Chyrssavgis, John, 'Icons, liturgy, saints: ecological insights from Orthodox spirituality', pp. 181-189
Cruchley-Jones, Peter, ' "Converted and always converting": transformational spirituality as metanoia', pp. 190-202
Conradie, Ernst M., 'Justic, peace and care for creation: what is at stake? Some South African perspectives', pp. 203-218
Kerber, Guillermo, 'Caring for creation and striving for climate justice: implications for mission and spirituality', pp. 219-229
Motte, Mary, 'Creation, theological imagination and questions about discipleship', pp. 230-243
Prince, Brainerd, 'Interrogation, interpretation and integration of spirituality: insights from Sri Aurobindo for "Care for creation" ', pp. 244-257
Matthey, Jacques, 'From 1910 to 2010: a post Edinburgh 2010 reflection', pp. 258-275


Volume 99 No 1
Keum, Jooseop, 'Editorial' pp. 1-5
Geevarghese, Coorilos, 'Towards and beyond Edinbury 2010: a historical survey of ecumenical missiological developments since 1910', pp. 6-20
Matthey, Jacques, 'Serving God's mission together in Christ's way: reflections on the way to Edinburgh 2010', pp. 21-38
Kim, Kirsteen, 'Mission theology of the Church', pp. 39-55
Daughrity, Dyron B., 'South India: ecumenism's one solid achievement? Reflections on the history of the ecumenical movement', pp. 56-68
Dodds, Adam, 'Newbigin's Trinitarian missiology: the doctrine of the Trinity as Good News for western culture', pp. 69-85
Commission on World Mission and Evangelism, World Council of Churches, 'Towards common witness to Christ today: mission and visible unity of the Church: study paper on Theme 8 of the Edinburgh 2010 study process', pp. 86-106
Commission on World Mission and Evangelism, World Council of Churches, 'Mission spirituality and discipleship: beyond and through contemporary boundaries: study paper on Theme 9 of the Edinburgh 2010 study process', pp. 106-124
Ecumenical Theological Education, World Council of Churches, 'Challenges and opportunities in theological education in the 21st century: pointers for a new international debate on theological education', pp. 124-150
'Iloilo declaration: sixth congress of Asian theologians (CATS VI)', pp. 150-153
'Commemoration of the 80th anniversary of 1929 The Hispano-American Evangelical Congress of Havana: "mission and evangelism for the 21st century in Latin America and the Caribbean" ', pp. 153-158


International Review of Mission 98 (2009)

Volume 98 No 2
Aguado, Maria Aránzazu, 'Transformative spirituality and mission: an ecumenical project', pp. 218-231
Cruchley-Jones, Peter, '‘A garland in place of ashes’: transformative spirituality and mission in the post-modern and secular contexts', pp. 232-244
Quispe, María Chávez, 'Transformative spirituality for a transformed world: contributions from the indigenous perspective', pp. 245-258
Groody, Daniel G., 'Globalizing justice: the contribution of Christian spirituality', pp. 259-271
Premawardhana, Shanta, ' “I saw a peach tree in full bloom”: transformative spirituality and mission in an interreligious context', pp. 272-282
López, Elisa Estévez, 'Transformative spirituality and mission as healing and reconciliation', pp. 283-301
Melanchthon, Monica J., 'Women’s spiritualities: resource for mission', pp. 302-324
Chung, Paul S., 'God’s mission as word event in an age of world Christianity: an Asian linguistic-transcultural model', pp. 325-341
Gros, Jeffrey, 'The challenge of pluralism and peace: the changing
relationships among the churches in Colombia', pp. 342-359




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Transforming time: eschatology and the New Testament
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November '15

Mission in the 19th and 21st centuries
Transforming time: eschatology and the New Testament
Mission in the 19th and 21st centuries
Transforming time: eschatology and the New Testament
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