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Hermeneutics Reading List

Barton, J. 221.6
Reading the Old Testament: method in biblical study, 2nd edn (London: DLT, 1996)

Bauckham, Richard and Benjamin Drewery (eds) 230
Scripture, tradition and reason: a study in the criteria of Christian doctrine
(Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1988)

Bellingham, W.H. 223.206
Psalms: reading and studying the book of praises (Massachusetts: Hendrickson, 1973) 1990

The Bible and Culture Collective 220.601
The postmodern Bible (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1995)

Boyle, Nicholas 220.66
Sacred and secular scriptures: a Catholic approach to literature (London: DLT, 2004)

Brenner, Athalaya and Carole R. Fontaine (eds) 221.6088042
Wisdom and psalms: a feminist companion to the Bible (Sheffield Academic Press, 1998)

Carroll, Robert P. 220.13
Wolf in the sheepfold: the Bible as a problem for Christianity (London: SPCK, 1991)

Collins, R.F. 225.6
Introduction to the New Testament, 2nd edn (London: SCM Press, 1992)

Fee, G.D. 225.601
New Testament exegesis: a handbook for students and pastors
(Leominster: Gracewing, 1993)
NB: Not recommended edition

Fiorenza, Elisabeth Schussler 230.088042
Searching the scriptures: volume 1. A feminist introduction (London: SCM Press, 1994)

Fowl, Stephen E. 220.6
Engaging scripture: a model for theological interpretation (Oxford: Blackwell, 1998)

Fowl, Stephen and L. Gregory Jones 241.5
Reading in communion: scripture and ethics in Christian life (London: SPCK, 1991)

Fowler, Robert M. 226.3066
Let the reader understand: reader-response criticism and the Gospel of Mark
(Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1991)

Gadamer, Hans-Georg 220.601
Truth and method (London: Continuum, 2004)

Goldingay, John 220.601
Models for interpretation of scripture (Toronto: Clements Publishing, 2004)

Gillingham, Susan E. 220.601
One bible, many voices: different approaches to biblical studies (London: SPCK, 1998)

Hayes, J.H. and C.R. Holladay 220.6
Biblical exegesis: a beginner’s handbook, 2nd edn (London: SCM Press, 1988)

Jasper, D. 220.601
A short introduction to hermeneutics (Louisville: WJK, 2004)

Jeanrond, Werner G. 230.01
Theological hermeneutics: development and significance (London: SCM Press, 1991)

Kelsey, David H. 230
The uses of scripture in recent theology (London: SCM Press, 1975)

Leer, Ellen Flesseman van 220.13
The Bible: its authority and interpretation in the Ecumenical Movement (Geneva: WCC, 1983)

McKenzie, S.L. and S.R. Haynes (eds) 220.6
To each its own meaning: an introduction to biblical criticisms and their applications
(London: Geoffrey Chapman, 1993)
NB: Not recommended edition

Moore, Stephen D. 226.066
Literary criticism and the gospels: the theoretical challenge
(New Haven: Yale University Press, 1989)

Mosala, Itumeleng J. 220.60868
Biblical hermeneutics and black theology in South Africa (Michigan: Eerdmans, 1989)

Powell, Mark Allan 220.66
What is narrative criticism? A new approach to the Bible (London: SPCK, 1990)

Ricoeur, Paul 220.6
Essays on biblical interpretation (London: SPCK, 1981)

Rowland, Christopher and Mark Corner 261.8
Liberating exegesis: the challenge of liberation theology to biblical studies
(London: SPCK, 1990)

Schneiders, Sandra M.
The revelatory text: interpreting the New Testament as sacred scripture
(London: Harper & Row, 1991) (first edn)
NB: Not recommended edition

Schokel, Luis Alonso and Jose Maria Bravo 220.6
A manual of hermeneutics (Sheffield Academic Press, 1998)

Schwartz, Regina M. 220.66
The book and the text: the Bible and literary theory (Oxford: Blackwell, 1990)

Thiselton, Anthony C. 230.01
New horizons in hermeneutics (London: HarperCollins, 1992)

Tuckett, Christopher 225.6
Reading the New Testament: methods of interpretation (London: SPCK, 1987)

West, Gerald O. 230.096
Biblical hermeneutics of liberation: modes of reading the Bible in the South African context
(Cluster Publications, 1991)

Yee, Gale 222.3
Judges and method (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1989)
NB: Not recommended edition

Young, Frances 220.6
The art of performance: towards a theology of Holy Scripture (London: DLT, 1990)

What's On

October '15

Transforming time: eschatology and the New Testament
A look at literary form in the Bible: products of their age
Transforming time: eschatology and the New Testament
Veganism: practice, ethics and challenges
Christian perspectives on War
A very English reformation?

November '15

Mission in the 19th and 21st centuries
Transforming time: eschatology and the New Testament
Mission in the 19th and 21st centuries
Transforming time: eschatology and the New Testament