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Ecumenical review

Issues held and contents

Volume 65
No 2 (July 2013)
No 1 (March 2013)

Volume 64
No 4 (December 2012)
No 3 (October 2012)
No 1 (March 2012)

Volume 63
No 4 (December 2011)
No 3 (October 2011)
No 2 (July 2011)
No 1 (March 2011)

Volume 62
No 4 (December 2010)
No 3 (October 2010)
No 2 (July 2010)
No 1
(March 2010)

Volume 65 (2013)

Volume 65 No 2 (July 2013) The ecumenical movement beyond Busan
Tveit, Olav Fyske, 'Unity: a call to be strong or humble?', pp. 171-180
Chickera, Duleep Kamil de, 'Just peace: beyond rhetoric', pp. 181-198
Cunha, Magali do Nascimento, 'Navigating the ecumenical waters: a Latin American perspective', pp. 199-210
Gennadios of Sassima, Metropolitan Prof. Dr, 'God of life, lead us to justice and peace! An ecumenical process for transformation', pp. 211-224
Ma, Wonsuk, 'Life, justice, and peace in the Spirit: a Korean pentecostal reflection', pp. 225-243
Denis, Philippe, 'Ecumenical education and social change: the case of the Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa', pp. 244-257
Engdahl, Hans and Anders Goranzon, 'Ecumenical space: expanded for whom?', pp. 258-277
Huliselan, Beril, 'Imagining space in a fragmented landscape: an Indonesian perspective', pp. 278-288
Kosmidis, Nikos, 'Dream and reality: yet another ecumenical story', pp. 289-302


Volume 65 No 1 (March 2013)
Conradie, Ernst M., 'The God of life: a counter-intuitive confession', pp. 3-16
McFague, Sallie, 'Falling in love with God and the world: some reflections on the doctrine of God', pp. 17-34
Zachariah, George, 'Re-imagining God of life from the margins', pp. 35-50
Agyarko, Robert Owusu, 'God of life: rethinking the Akan Christian concept of God in the light of the ecological crisis', pp. 51-66
Pan-chiu, Lai, 'God of life and ecological theology: a Chinese Christian perspective', pp. 67-82
Deane-Drummond, Celia, and Barbara Rossing, 'The eco-theological significance of John 10:10: abundant life through the sabbath, trinitarian vestiges, and the tree of life', pp. 83-97
Vuola, Elina, '(The) breastfeeding God', pp. 98-113
Bergmann, Sigurd, 'Life-giving breath: ecological pneumatology in the context of feitshization', pp. 114-128
Edwards, Denis, 'The attractor and the energy of love: trinity in evolutionary and ecological context', pp. 129-144
Woloschak, Gayle E., 'God of life: contemplating evolution, ecology, extinction', pp. 145-159
Rakoczy, Susan, 'Christian faith and the Earth Conference: theological reflection and action', pp. 160-166


Volume 64 (2012)

Volume 64 No 4 (December 2012) Justice, peace and marginalized communities
Manchala, Deenabandhu, 'Editorial: God of life and peace, grant us courage to struggle for justice', pp. 423-426
Mitchell, Beverly E., 'Take not this prayer in vain', pp. 427-438
Clarke, Sathianathan, 'God of life, God in life, and God for life: lead all of us through the wisdom of the crushed ones to justice and peace', pp. 439-453
George, Samuel, 'God of life, justic and peace: a disability-informed reading of Christology', pp. 454-462
Longchar, Wati, 'Solidarity for justice and peace: an Asian indigenous perspective', pp. 463-471
Chang, Yoon-Jae, 'Toward the Pax Christi in North East Asian', pp. 472-488
Fritzon, Arne, 'Impairment and accessibility', pp. 489-499
Noort, Gerrit and Mark C. Noort, 'The "other contributes equally: some theological and psychological perspectives on constructing inclusive Christian identity', pp. 500-518
Malungo de Souza, Rolf, 'Representations of black masculinity in Brazil', pp. 519-529
Reddie, Anthony G., 'The quest for liberation and inclusivity', pp. 530-545
Rajkumar, Peniel In witness to God's "with-ness": Dalit theology, the God of life, and the path towards justice and peace', pp. 546-558
Chambe, Juan Jacobo Tancara, 'Resistence and reinvention: on being an urban indigenous Christian', pp. 559-561
Terrell, Vicki, 'Celebrating just living with disability in the body of Christ', pp. 562-574
Rivera-Pagán, Luis N., 'Xenophilia or xenophobia: towards a theology of migration', pp. 575-589


Volume 64 No 3 (October 2012) Gendered perspectives: "God of life, lead us to justice and peace"
Moyo, Fulata Lusungu and Sarojini Nadar, 'Editorial', pp. 233-240
Gnanadason, Aruna, 'Violence against women in sin: God of life, accompany us on our journey toward a world free of violence', pp. 241-253
Moyo, Fulata Lusungu, 'We demand bread and roses when we are hired: gender justice in workplaces: a feminist perspective', pp. 254-266
Au, Connie, 'Justice and peace for global commercial sex workers: the plight of aboriginal migrant women in Taiwan', pp. 267-280
Peters, Rebecca Todd, 'Feminist critical discourse on globalization, economy, ecology and empire', pp. 281-298
Groody, Daniel G., 'Homeward bound: a theology of migration for fullness of life, justice and peace', pp. 299-313
Mayer, Annemarie C., 'Toward the difficult whole: "unity" in woman's perspective', pp. 314-327
Hewitt, Roderick R., 'My mother who fathered me: the road to justice and peace is paved with positive masculinities', pp. 328-337
Kurian, Manoj, 'An ecumenical framework for a liberative human sexuality: toward a culture of justice and peace', pp. 338-345
Kaunda, Mutale M. and Sarojini Nadar, 'Remembering and resistance: Lenshina Mulenga's search for justice and peace', pp. 346-356
Macule, Salvador Armando and Sarojini Nadar, 'Women oppressing women: the cultivation of esprit de corps in Xirilo (Women's Association) of the UCCSA in Mozambique', pp. 357-365
Tveit, Olav Fykse, 'Theology and unity in world Christianity', pp. 366-382
Ecumenical chronicle
Ham, Carlos, 'Colombo: theological perspectives on Diakonia in the twenty-first century', pp. 383-392
Werner, Dietrich, 'Oslo: the future of theology in the changing landscapes of universities in Europe and beyond', pp. 393-404
Kerber, Guillermo, 'Rio: ecumenical advocacy and witness at Rio+20', pp. 405-410


Volume 64 No 1 (March 2012) Christians in the Middle East
Hader, Jamal, 'The context of Kairos Palestine', pp. 3-6
Preda, Radu, 'Occupation as sin', pp. 7-13
Tsalampouni, Ekaterini G., '"Election" and the "People of God": an Orthodox theological perspective', pp. 14-26
Smith, Robert O., 'Anglo-American Christian Zionism: implications for Palestinian Christians', pp. 27-35
Kort, Nora, 'Palestinian Christians in Jerusalem', pp. 36-42
Mitri, Tarek, 'Christians in the Arab world: minority attitudes and citizenship', pp. 43-49
Kattan, Assaad Elias, 'Christians in the Arab world: beyond role syndrome', pp. 50-53
Mikhael, Mary, 'Women in Middle Eastern societies and churches', pp. 54-60
Kalaitzidis, Pantelis, 'Christians in the Middle East: building bridges between east and west, old and new', pp. 61-68


Volume 63 (2011)

Volume 63 No 4 (December 2011) HIV: ecumenical and interfaith responses
Njoroge, Nyambura, 'Editorial', pp. 363-366
Waweru, Lucy Wambui and Dissi Muankia Obanda, 'No love', pp. 367-368
Almadel, Calle, 'A thirty-year personal journey with HIV', pp. 369-377
Kebaneilwe, Mmapula Diana, 'The Vashti paradigm: resistance as a strategy for combating HIV', pp. 378-383
Messer, Donald E., 'Getting to zero: embracing science, breaking the silence, and overcoming stigma', pp. 384-396
Chitando, Ezra, 'Expanding and expounding resilience: theological institutions responding to HIV', pp. 397-407
Longchar, Wati, 'Unclean and compassionate hand of God', pp. 408-418
Gill, Robin, 'AIDS and religious virtues', pp. 419-431
Senturias, Erlinda N., 'Interfaith collaboration and challenges', pp. 432-442
Manning, Greg, 'Coverage for all who are marginalized', pp. 443-455


Volume 63 No 3 (October 2011) Greed and global economics
Sung, Jung Mo, 'Greed, desire and theology', pp. 251-262
Larrea, Carlos, 'Inequality, sustainability and the greed line: a conceptual and empirical approach', pp. 263-277
Raiser, Konrad, 'Theological and ethical considerations regarding wealth and the call for establishing a greed line', pp. 278-294
Taylor, Michael H., 'On greed: toward "concrete and contemporary guidance for Christians"', pp. 295-305
Dommen, Edward, 'Calvin's views on greed', pp. 306-311
Andrianos, Lucas, 'Structural greed and creation: a theological reflection', pp. 312-329


Volume 63 No 2 (July 2011) Ecumenical horizons - prospects and perspectives
Kim, Kirsteen, 'Globalization of protestant movements since the 1960s', pp. 136-147
Ueberschär, Ellen, 'There's not much time left: we cannot afford an ecumenism of lethargy', pp. 148-152
Oxley, Simon, 'Getting nowhere?', pp. 153-159
Matthey, Jacques, 'The necessity of a world council of churches', pp. 160-168
Dumitrascu, Nicu, 'A Romanian perspective on ecumenism, patristics and academic theology', pp. 169-176
Gibaut, John St-Helier, 'Catholicity, faith and order, and the unity of the Church', pp. 177-185
Ih-Ren, Ambrose Mong, 'Crossing the ethical-practical bridge: Paul's Knitter's regnocentrism in Asian perspective', pp. 186-199
Hwang, Jae-Buhm, 'The first Asian ecumenical confession of faith: the so-called twelve articles of faith of many Asian protestant churches', pp. 200-210


Volume 63 No 1 (March 2011) Peace on earth - peace with the earth
Kässmann, Margot, 'Creative thinking for peace or Blessed are the peacemakers', pp. 5-15
Moltmann, Jürgen, 'A common earth religion: world religions from an ecological perspective', pp. 16-24
Younan, Munib A., 'Do justice, love kindness, walk humbly: just peace in the Middle East', pp. 25-34
Kerber, Guillermo, ' "Peace with the earth" in the context of the decade to overcome violence', pp. 35-43
Enns, Fernando, 'The Internationa Ecumenical Peace Convocation: towards an ecumenical theology of just peace?', pp. 44-53
LeMasters, Philip, 'Orthodox perspectives on peace, war and violence', pp. 54-61
Mejía, Milton, 'Armed conflict and human rights in Colombia', pp. 62-70
Mombo, Esther, 'Reflections on peace in the decade to overcome violence', pp. 71-76
Waweru, Lucy W., 'The blessed artisans of shalom', pp. 77-83
Winright, Tobias, 'Just policing and the responsibility to protect', pp. 84-95
Sintado, Carlos A., 'Social ecology: a hermeneutical framework for reading biblical texts? A Latin American perspective', pp. 96-110
Flacke, Heino, ' "My" Bonhoeffer: discipleship, peace freedom', pp. 111-119


Volume 62 (2010)

Volume 62 No 4 (December 2010)The winds of Crete: the work of Faith and Order, reflections from younger theologians

Quispe, Maria Chavez, 'Guest editorial', pp. 333-339
Tinker, Tink, 'Towards and American Indian indigenous theology', pp. 340-351
Hernández, Eleazar López, 'Indigenous theology in its Latin American setting', pp. 352-360
Cebrián, Dina Ludeña, 'The sources and resources of our indigenous theology', pp. 361-370
Anno, Ferdinand, 'Indigenous theology: sources and resources perspective from the Philippines', pp. 371-378
Jernsletten, Jorunn, 'Resources for indigenous theology from a Sami perspective', pp. 379-389
Parkin, Evelyn, 'The sources and resources of our indigenous theology: an Australian aboriginal perspective', pp. 390-398
Longkumer, Atola, 'Not all is well in my ancestors' home: an indigenous theology of internal critique', pp. 399-410
Salazar, Marilú Rojas, 'Experiences and reflections on a Latin American feminist theology of liberation using an ecofeminist key towards an indigenous women's perspective', pp. 411-422


Volume 62 No 3 (October 2010) The winds of Crete: the work of Faith and Order, reflections from younger theologians

Tanner, Mary and Aikaterini Pekridou, 'Guest editorial', pp. 243-251
Pekridou, Aikaterini, 'The plenary discussion on the ecclesiology study of Faith and Order, The nature and mission of the Church: the meeting and its process', pp. 254-269
Hawkey, James, 'Excabating apostolicity: Christian communities and secular cultures', pp. 270-281
Presa, Neal D., 'Take, bless, break, give: reflections from a reformed perspective on "Why the Church?" ', pp. 282-288
Moiso, Aimee, '"Getting personal"', pp. 289-295
Vlantis, Giorgos, 'The apophatic understanding of the Church and ecumenical dialogue', pp. 296-301
Bairactaris, Augustinos, 'Ecumenical dialogue: a necessity of our era and the inner source of the renewal', pp. 302-307
Gehlin, Sara,'Quest for unity, quest for diversity: ecumenical challenges in a time of globalization', pp. 308-316


Volume 62 No 2 (July 2010) Churches caring for creation and climate justice

Kerber, Guillermo and Martin Robra (eds), 'Guest editorial', pp. 113-118
Rossing, Barbara, 'God laments with us: climate change, apocalypse and the urgent Kairos moment', pp. 119-130
Wolf, Jakob, 'Theology and climate change', pp. 131-136
Tveit, Olav Fykse, 'The ecumenical movement as a movement that cares for creation', pp. 137-140
Kennedy, Joy, 'Renew the face of the earth: the long road through Copenhagen to whole earth justice', pp. 141-158
Conradie, Ernst M., 'Climate change and the church: some reflections from the South African context', pp. 159-169
Sipiläinen, Ilkka, 'Gratitude, respect, moderation: the Christian added value to climate discussion', pp. 170-173
Pereira, Nancy Cardozo, 'My people shall be as trees: commitment and biblical interpretations from Brazil', pp. 174-187
De Gruchy, Steve, 'Water and spirit: theology in the time of cholera', pp. 188-201
Gibaut, John and Maike Gorsboth, 'Water - holy and wholesome?' pp. 202-213
Chryssavgis, John, 'A new heaven and a new earth: orthodox theology and an ecological world view', pp. 214-222


Volume 62 No 1 (March 2010): Towards an ecclesiology of united churches

Mateus, Odair Pedroso, 'Guest editorial', pp.1-3
Durber, Susan, 'Baptism, unity and the United Reformed Church', pp. 4-13
Majiza, Charity, 'Unity and mission', pp. 14-20
Mortimer, Richard, 'Episcope and unity', pp. 21-29
Veliko, Lydia, 'Criteria for unity and the limits of diversity: towards an ecclesiology of united churches', pp. 30-40
Kalmbach, Pedro, ' "Towards the ecclesiology of united churches" Evangelical Church of the River Plate: challenges and vision', pp. 41-48
Stephens, Norbert, 'The experiece of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands', pp. 49-56
Assel, Heinrich, 'The sources and exercise of authority and the limits of sustainable diversity', pp. 57-65


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