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Concilium (2013)

Concilium No 3. Saints and sanctity today
Filoramo, Giovanni, 'The phenomenology of sanctity', pp. 13-20
Queiruga, Andres Torres, 'Created out of love: Christian holiness', pp. 21-37
Sobrino, Jon, 'Primordial holiness', pp. 38-48
Susin, Luiz Carlos, 'Holiness and marginality', pp. 49-58
Casarella, Peter, 'The communion of saints and social solidarity', pp. 59-69
Castillo, Jose Maria, 'The history of canonization in Christianity: its real meaning', pp. 70-77
Bingemer, Maria Clara Lucchetti, 'Mysticism and holiness: genius and practice of love', pp. 78-92
Martinez, Ramon Cao, '"My full identity": holiness and Thomas Merton', pp. 93-103
Tomassi, Wanda, 'Freedom of the spirit: Etty Hillesum, a new kind of holiness', pp. 104-112
Teixeria, Faustino, 'Hermeneutics under tension: dark days for theology', pp. 114-117
Pikaza, Xabier, 'J. Ratzinger/Benedict XVI: the childhood of Jesus', pp. 118-124

Concilium No 2. Postcolonial theology
Duggan, Joseph, 'Epistemological dissonance: decolonizing the postcolonial theological "canon"', pp. 13-20
Dussel, Enrique, 'The epistemological decolonization of theology', pp. 21-31
Kim, Uriah, 'The politics of othering in North America and the book of Judges', pp. 32-40
Joh, Wonhee Anne, 'A postcolonial spectrality of the Cross', pp. 41-50
Rivera, Mayra, 'Flesh of the world', pp. 51-60
Kang, Namsoon, 'Theology from a space where postcolonialism and feminism intersect', pp. 61-70
Suess, Paulo, 'Latin American perspectives on postcolonialism', pp. 71-80
Nausner, Michael, 'Nefertiti's long shadow: postcolonial theory and theology in Germany', pp. 81-91
Metogo, Eloi Messi, 'Postcolonial theology in an African context', pp. 92-104
Brighenti, Agenor, 'Liberation theology looks to the future', pp. 107-114
Ross, Karen, '"Doing" liberation theology from within the margins', p. 115-118
Ross, Susan A., 'Margaret Farley, the Vatican, and Just love', pp. 119-122
Wilfred, Felix, 'The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI', pp. 123-127


Concilium No 1. Reconciliation: empowering grace
Lefebvre, Solange, 'Reconciliation through creativity: story-telling and music', pp. 13-23
Bruyne, Paul de and Yves de Maeseneer, 'Secret and sacred places: art and reconciliation', pp. 24-34
Nadar, Sarojini, 'Politics of reconciliation: re-inscribing the wounded body', pp. 35-41
Haers, Jacques, 'Reconciliation in times of worldwide environmental crisis', pp. 42-52
Lopez, Elias, 'Reconciling justice and time: a preferential alliance', pp. 53-63
Pilario, Daniel Franklin, 'Restorative justice amidst continuing violence', pp. 64-73
Reychler, Luc and Jacques Haers, 'Conflict studies and reconciliation', pp. 74-83
Wilfred, Felix, 'Cultural resources for peace and reconciliation', pp. 84-96
Sobrino, Jon, 'The Church of the poor from John XXIII to Oscar Romero', pp. 99-107
Ntezimana, Laurien, 'The Ubuntu method of reconciliation in Rwanda', pp. 108-114
Drexler-Dreis, Joseph, 'Decoloniality as reconciliation', pp. 115-122


Concilium (2012)

2012 No 5: Water marks our life

Partzsch, Lena, 'Water in danger', pp. 13-23
Shaw, Sylvie, 'My God, it's our river, shouldn't we preserve it? Without the river, what else have we got?', pp. 24-34
Gerstenberger, Erhard S., 'Water in the Old Testament', pp. 35-45
Allman, Mark J., 'Water as sacrament: global water crisis and sacramental stewardship', pp. 46-57
Letourneau, Pierre, '"Give me this water...": the water of life in John's gospel', pp. 58-67
Faye, Anne-Beatrice, 'African women and water', pp. 68-77
Lahiri-Dutt, Kuntala, 'Feminine waterscapes: water as a gendered subject', pp. 78-87
Barros, Marcelo, 'Life, water and liberation', pp. 88-96
Kato, Kumiko, 'Reading the Bible after Fukushima', pp. 99-104
Ivankovic, Željko, 'The bridge of Mostar', pp. 105-111
Hunt, Mary E., 'WATER in action', pp. 112-116
Infanti de la Mora, Luis, 'Making peace with water', pp. 117-120
Theological forum
Rigal-Cellard, Bernadette, 'Kateri Tekakwitha: the first indigenous saint of North America', pp. 123-128
Raming, Ida, 'Women as pioneers at Vatican II', pp. 129-136


2012 No 4: Gender in theology, spirituality and practice
Quinn, Regina Ammicht, 'Dangerous thinking: gender and theology', pp. 13-25
Anic, Rebeka Jadranka, 'Gender, politics and the Catholic Church', pp. 26-35
Ferraro, Benedito, 'Theology in the context of reciprocity and complementarity between men and women', pp. 36-45
Lima, Luis Correa, 'The language of creation and gender', pp. 46-55
Eaton, Heather, 'Creation: God, humans and the natural world', pp. 56-66
Wacker, Marie-Theres, 'Torah for women, confusing relations and a winged deity: Old Testament gender research and the Book of Ruth', pp. 67-76
Tamez, Elsa, 'Women's leadership in the New Testament', pp. 77-85
Orevillo-Montenegro, Muriel, 'Revisiting and reclaiming incarnation: an Asian woman's Christological journey', pp. 86-94
Fox, Patricia A., 'The Trinity: gender and the role of dissonance', pp. 95-101
St Ville, Susan M., 'Liberating renunciation: reflections on contemporary feminist spirituality', pp. 102-109
Arabome, Anne, 'Gender and ecclesiology: authorities, structures, ministry', pp. 110-117
Hinze, Bradford E. and Christine Firer Hinze, 'The Elizabeth A. Johnson case in the United States', pp. 121-126
Suess, Paulo, 'What is reality? Situating an ontological question', pp. 126-130
Christiansen, Drew, 'The Arab Spring: Muslim non-violence as a sign of the times', pp. 131-135


2012 No 3: Vatican II

'Editorial. Vatican II: fifty years later', pp. 7-12
Hünermann, Peter, 'Speechless about Vatican II?', pp. 15-26
Melloni, Alberto, 'Roncalli and "his" Council', pp. 27-35
Ruggieri, Giuseppe, 'Vatican II as Church enacted', pp. 36-46
O'Malley, John W., 'Ressourcement and reform at Vatican II', pp. 47-55
Theobald, Christoph, 'Vatican II confronts the unknown: collegial discernment of the "signs of the times"', pp. 56-63
Siegwalt, Gérard, 'Vatican II between Catholicism and Catholicity', pp. 64-74
Sobrino, Jon, 'The "Church of the poor" did not prosper at Vatican II', pp. 75-84
Bingemer, Maria Clara Lucchetti, 'The Council and the emergence of the laity', pp. 85-94
Theological forum
Orobator, Agbonkhianmeghe E., 'Look back to the future: transformative impulses of Vatican II for African Catholicism', pp. 97-102
Hines, Mary E., 'North American "impulses" following Vatican II', pp. 103-109
Beozzo, José Oscar, 'Vatican II fifty years later in Latin America and the Caribbean', pp. 110-115
Wilfred, Felix, 'The reception of Vatican II in a multireligious continent', pp. 116-121
Maier, Martin, 'Vatican II: inspiration and encouragement for the Church in Europe', pp. 122-128
Queiruga, Andres Torres, 'Comments on a notification', pp. 129-136


2012 No 2: Theology and magisterium
Part one: contexts

Ross, Susan A. and Felix Wilfred, 'Editorial. Bishops and theologians: tensions old and new', pp.7-14
Metogo, Eloi Messi, 'Magisterium and theology in Africa', pp. 17-27
Evers, Georg, 'The magisterium and Asian theologians', pp. 28-38
Brighenti, Agenor, 'Church, theology and magisterium in Latin America: unnecessary conflicts and inevitable tensions', pp. 39-50
Torres Queiruga, Andres, 'Magisterium and theology: principles and facts', pp. 51-63
Coriden, James A., 'Theologians and bishops: good procedures promote collaboration', pp. 64-74
Phan, Peter C., 'Teaching as learning: an Asian view', pp. 75-87
Part two: theological forum
'Introduction: silence in the Church', pp. 89
Susin, Luiz Carlos, 'Relations between truth, authority, power and sacredness in the Church', pp. 91-96
Lefebvre, Solange, 'Terrifying internal problems. What theology has to say about lies', pp. 97-101
Prcela, Frano, 'Silence and concealment in the Church in Croatia', pp. 102-111
'"Many sources are still inaccessible": a Concilium interview with Hubert Wolf about Pius XII', pp. 112-121


2012 No 1: Sacramentalizing human history - in honour of Edward Schillebeeckx (1914-2009)
Borgman, Erik, 'Edward Schillebeeckx's reflections on the sacraments and the future of Catholic theology', pp. 13-24
Cooper, Jennifer, 'The Eucharist: remembrance, anticipation, real presence', pp. 25-31
Torres Quieruga, Andrés, 'The sacraments: real event vs empty symbolism or occult magic', pp. 32-44
Siluvailpillai, Johnson, 'Sacrament today: the affirmation of the "other"', pp. 45-55
Kautzer, Ben, 'The liturgical profundity of the ethically mundane', pp. 56-69
Murray, Paul D., 'The ups and downs, highs and lows, and practicalities of ecclesiological analysis with Edward Schillebeekcx', pp. 70-91
Van Erp, Stephan, 'Incessant incarnation as the future of humanity: the promise of Schillebeeckx's sacramental theology', pp. 92-105
Kelly, Kevin T., 'The power behind the new English translation of the Roman Missal', pp. 109-114
Lionel, Joseph, 'Continuity or discontinuity: a methodological proposal to study the theological contents of the prayers in the Roman Missal', pp. 115-122
Borgman, Erik, 'Theological aspects of the sexual abuse crisis', pp. 123-129


Concilium (2011) 

2011 No. 5: The economy and religion
Susin, Luiz Carlos and Erik Borgman, 'Editorial. The economy and religion: two sides of the same coin?', pp. 7-9
Sung, Jung Mo, 'Interfaces of religion and the economy', pp. 13-22
Borgman, Erik, 'The capitalist economy and the God of charity: some theological considerations', pp. 23-31
Dussel, Enrique, 'The economy and the eucharist', pp. 32-43
Echevarría, Javier María Iguíñiz, 'Economy and development as freedom', pp. 44-52
Lasida, Elena, 'An economy that creates alliance and generates promise', pp. 53-60
Míguez, Néstor O., 'An economy with room for generosity', pp. 61-70
Lamberigts, Mathijs, 'Jerusalem and Babylon: Augustine's two cities in context', pp. 71-81
Praetorius, Ina, 'The economics of natality. A post-patriarchal perspective', pp. 82-91
Verstraeten, Johan, 'Re-thinking the economy, a matter of love or justice: The case of the Compendium of the social doctrine of the Church and the Encyclical Cartitas in Veritate', pp. 92-102
Suñer, Hilari Raguer I, 'From economy to Oikonomia', pp. 103-108
Reck, Norbert, 'Re-thinking "dangerous memories": new theological departures in ex-Yugoslavia', pp. 111-116
Carrasco, Victoria Eulalia, 'Sucumbíos: a conciliar Church assaulted by Christendom', pp. 117-122
Carranza, Brenda, 'Catholicism and syncretic religions: an investigation in Santiago de Cuba', pp. 123-133


2011 No. 4: Lord and life-giver: Spirit today
Edwards, Denis, 'Sketching an ecological theology of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God', pp. 13-22
Johnson, Elizabeth A., 'Creator Spirit and ecological ethics: an ancient frontier', pp. 23-31
Wacker, Marie-Theres, 'The Spirit of God in the public sphere of Christian communities: the inspiration of the Hebrew Bible', pp. 32-42
Militello, Cettina, 'The Jesus Movement and women's charisms', pp. 43-55
Bingemer, Maria Clara, 'Hidden love: notes on the kenosis of the Spirit in the west', pp. 56-67
Sesboüé, Bernard, 'The Spirit in the Church', pp. 68-77
Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti, '"The Spirit poured out on all flesh": pentecostal testimonies and experiences of the Holy Spirit', pp. 78-86
Silveria Campos, Leonildo, 'Conflicting pneumatologies: "classic pentecostals" and "neo-pentecostals" in Brazil', pp. 87-98
Azcuy, Virginia, 'The Spirit and the signs of these times: the legacy, relevance, and future of a theological discernment', pp. 99-109
Magesa, Laurenti, 'Spirit as creative word in Africa', pp. 110-119
Irarrázaval, Diego, 'Existential understanding of the Spirit in South America', pp. 120-129
Codina, Victor, 'The Spirit of the Lord fills the whole world: a reflection from Latin America', pp. 130-139
Murray, Paul, 'Dominum et vivificantem: read today', pp. 143-147
'Sage and prophet: José Comblin (1923-2011)', pp. 148-153


2011 No. 3: Human trafficking
Groody, Daniel, 'Moving targets: migrants, globalization, and human trafficking', pp. 15-23
Loughry, Maryanne, 'Who else is in the boat or in the lorry? Mixed flows: trafficking and forced migration', pp. 24-34
Rajendra, Tisha M., 'Migration in Catholic social thought', pp. 35-44
O'Donohue, Maura, 'Sex trafficking, the vulnerability of women and children - an urgent call to the Church', pp. 45-63
Moser, Maria Katharina, 'Valentina's story: trafficking in women in Moldova', pp. 64-72
Becka, Michelle, 'Trafficking in women and reification', pp. 73-83
Wahl, Stefanie A., 'Human trafficking and forced labour as a global challenge for the International Labour Organization and its "decent work agenda"', pp. 84-93
Brazal, Agnes, 'Metaphorical ecclesiology: faith-based responses to sex trafficking', pp. 94-102
'Ecumenical spirituality - as we already know it: an abridged version of the discussion between Hans Küng and Jürgen Moltmann at the Second Ecumenical Kirchentag (Church Congress) in Munich in 2010', pp. 105-114
Meith, Dietmar, 'The Master and Marguerite: Meister Eckhart and Marguerite Porete', pp. 115-127
Haker, Hille, 'Catholic sexual ethics - a necessary revision: theological responses to the sexual abuse scandal', pp. 128-137
'Obituary: Miklós Tomka', pp. 138-140


2011 No. 2: Being Christian
Küng, Hans, 'My book on being a Christian in retrospect', pp. 13-20
Radcliffe, Timothy, 'Does Christianity make a difference?' pp. 21-28
Alois, Brother, of Taizé, '"Make the unity of Christ's body your passionate concern": 1 the path of communion followed in Taizé', pp. 29-38
Parmentier, Elisabeth, 'Being Christian in a religionless society', pp. 39-49
Nolan, Albert, 'On being a Christian today', pp. 50-58
Wilfred, Felix, 'Becoming Christian inter-religiously', pp. 59-67
Phan, Peter C., 'Being Christian under Communist-Socialist regimes', pp. 68-82
Sobrino, Jon, 'Being Christian today', pp. 83-92
González-Carvajal, Luis, 'Christians without a Church', pp. 95-100
Duato, Antonio, 'Married priests: an experience to consider', pp. 101-106
Šarcevic, Ivan, 'Theology in south east Europe: situation, challenges, and tasks', pp. 107-114
Susin, Luiz Carlos, 'Theology and liberation: crossing frontiers', pp. 115-120
Heimbach-Steins, Marianne, 'The memorandum The Church in 2011. The need for a new beginning', pp. 121-125
Hurtado, Juan Manuel, '"jTatic" Samuel Ruiz, twentieth-century witess to the faith', pp. 126-128


2011 No. 1: From world mission to inter-religious witness
Wilfred, Felix, 'From world mission to global Christianities: a perspective from the South', pp. 13-26
Schreiter, Robert, 'Christian mission in a "new modernity" and trajectories in intercultural theology', pp. 27-36
Merdjanova, Ina, 'Orthodox Christianity in a pluralistic world', pp. 39-50
Siddiqui, Ataullah, 'Islamic witnesses in a pluralistic world', pp. 51-60
Cornille, Catherine, 'The role of witness in inter-religious dialogue', pp. 61-69
Hogan, Linda and John D'Arcy May, 'Visioning ecumenics as intercultural, inter-religious, and public theology', pp. 70-81
Hintersteiner, Norbert, 'From cultural translation to interfaith witness: the intercultural transformation of missiology', pp. 85-94
Admirand, Peter, 'Mission in remission: mission and inter-religious dialogue in a post-modern, post-colonial age', pp. 95-104
Junker-Kenny, Maureen, 'Witnessing or mutual translation? Religion and the requirements of reason', pp. 105-114
Pierce, Andrew, 'New M.Phil. in intercultural theology and inter-religious studies at ISE, Trinity College Dublin', pp. 115-118


Concilium (2010)

2010 No 5: Oceania and indigenous theologies
Davidson, Allan K., 'Mapping Christianity taking root in Oceania', pp. 13-22
Halapua, Winston, 'Theomoana: toward an Oceanic theology', pp. 23-33
Gibbs, Philip, 'Emerging indigenous theologies in Oceania', pp. 34-44
Vaka'uta, Nasili, 'Lau Faka-Tu'a: reading the Bible Tu'a-wise', pp. 45-50
Tuwere, Ilaitia S., 'Jesus and Tui (King) and Turaga (Chief)', pp. 51-59
Cadigan, Tui, 'Tangata Whenua, people of the land', pp. 60-65
Solomone, Kafoa, 'Churches talking together in and to Oceania: ecumenism', pp. 67-77
Tofaeono, Ama 'Amalele Tofaeono, 'The Moana declaration - an eco-theological debate', pp. 78-87
Tupayupanqui, Nicanor Sarmiento, 'Native theologies in Latin America', pp. 89-101
Thiel, Marie-Jo, 'Sexual abuse of minors: a "dysfunction" at the heart of the Catholic Church', pp. 103-109
Gira, Dennis, '"Inculturation" of Buddhism in traditionally Christian regions', pp. 110-116
Pikaza, Xabier, 'Raimon Panikkar (1918-2010): In memoriam', pp. 117-120


2010 No 4: Atheists of what God?
McGrath, Alister, 'Bestseller atheisms: the new scientism', pp. 11-19
Clayton, Philip, 'Why theism must evolve in the age of science', pp. 20-28
Comte-Sponville, André, 'Saving the Spirit', pp. 29-36
Torres Queiruga, Andrés, 'Atheism and the Christian image of God', pp. 37-47
Bingemer, Maria Clara, 'Is Christianity a religion?', pp. 48-59
Lefebvre, Solange, 'A public theology of diversity', pp. 60-69
Courau, Thierry-Marie, 'The God question is not universal', pp. 70-79
Grondin, Jean, 'The return of God in philosophy: a remarkable phenomenon', pp. 81-89
Müller, Klaus, 'The naturalization of religions', pp. 90-95
Higgins, Christopher, 'Belief in God: a convenient human emotion', pp. 96-101
Brncic, Jadranka, 'Atheism and religion in post-socialism: the case of Croatia', pp. 102-106
Perea, Joaquín, '"Emerging Church": a young movement challenging the established churches', pp. 107-112
Sobrino, Jon, 'Arrogance and humility: a note on the current state of the Church', pp. 113-118


2010 No 3: Human nature and natural law
Cahill, Lisa Sowle and Hille Haker, 'Editorial: Human nature and natural law: a critical discussion', pp. 7-16
Pope, Stephen J., 'Tradition and innovation in natural law: a Thomistic interpretation', pp. 17-25
Torres Queiruga, Andrés, 'Natural law and theology in a secular context', pp. 26-35
Schockenhoff, Eberhard, 'A Kantian approach to the natural-law theory of Aquinas', pp. 36-43
Siep, Ludwig, 'Natural law and bioethics', pp. 44-67
Wils, Jean-Pierre, 'Does the natural-law approach have a future? A hermeneutical proposal: nine objections to natural law', pp. 68-78
Traina, Cristina, 'Feminist natural law', pp. 79-87
Astorga, Maria Christina, 'Human rights from an Asian perspective: the challenge of diversity and the limits to universality', pp. 88-98
Azetsop, Jacquineau, 'Life-centred ethics, healing and public health in Africa', pp. 99-109
Vicini, Andrea, 'The search for a universal ethic: the International Theological Commission's 2009 document on natural law', pp. 111-117
Himes, Kenneth, 'Torture as an attack on the human', pp. 118-123
Gebara, Ivone, 'A look at the concept of human nature', pp. 124-129
Haker, Hille, 'Opinion on ethical aspects of synthetic biology of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) presented to the European Commission', pp. 130-137


2010 No 2: The Bible as word of God
Werbick, Jürgen, 'God gives his word. The origina and challenge of understanding', pp. 11-21
Geffré, Claude, 'The word of God in other rligious tradtions and the history of the nations as a divine narrative', pp. 22-31
Boyer, Frédéric, ' "Why do you not understand what I say?" ', pp. 32-41
Richard, Pablo, 'A new space for the word of God', pp. 43-52
Hilkert, Mary Catherine, 'The many gifts of the Spirit: lay preaching and the liturgy', pp. 53-60
Viviano, Pauline, 'Biblical scholars, the people in the pew, and the 2008 Word Synod', pp. 61-69
Lopes, Mercedes, 'Seed of hope: grassroots Bible reading in the communities of Latin America', pp. 71-81
Poucouta, Paulin, 'Reading the Bible in Africa', pp. 82-90
Moberly, Walter, 'On reading and teaching the Old Testament', pp.91-98
Sobrino, Jon and Miguel Cavada Diez, 'Archbishop Romer's homilies, thirty years after his death', pp.99-105
Buchholz, René, 'All brothers, all sisters or: how not to defend monotheism', pp. 106-111
Görg, Manfred, 'Christian versus Jewish 'monotheism'?', pp. 112-117
Queiruga, Andrés Torres, 'A response to critiques', pp. 118-122


2010 No 1: Ministries in the Church
Sobrino, Jon, 'The foundation of all ministry: service to the poor and victims in a north-south world', pp. 11-21
Kirch, Jeffrey, 'Creating spaces of salvation: Walter Kasper's ministry and soteriology', pp. 22-30
Bingemer, Maria Clara, 'Baptism as the source of Christian ministry: the example of the base communities', pp. 31-42
Murray, Paul, 'The need for an integrated theology of ministry within contemporary Catholicism: a global north perspective', pp. 43-54
Lakeland, Paul, 'The lay ecclesial minister: is s/he a theological monster?', pp. 55-63
Andrado, Paba Nidhani de, 'A Pauline paradigm of partnership', pp. 65-75
Ahern, Kevin, 'Structures of hope in a fractured world: the ministry of the international Catholic youth movements', pp. 76-84
Reimer-Barry, Emily, 'Theological education as ministry in the Church: problems and promises', pp. 85-92
Nanko-Fernández, Carmen, '¡Despierta Iglesia! Reconfiguring theologies of ministry Latinamente', pp. 93-102
Kamaara, Eunice Karanja, Parsitau, Damaris Seleina, Kurgat, Sussy Gumo, and Kayeli, Edith, 'Doing theology in the context of globalization: African perspectives', pp. 103-118
Schneiders, Sandra M., 'Why we stay(ed)', pp. 119-130
'Edward Schillebeeckx, O.P., 1914-2009': In memoriam, by Erik Borgman; My valediction to a friend and theologian, by Hans Küng

Concilium (2009)

2009 No 4: Monotheism – divinity and unity reconsidered
Editorial, trans. by Paul Burns, ' ‘You shall have no other gods before me’ (Deut. 5.7): the oneness of God in a plural world', pp. 7-9
Gibert, Pierre, 'Introduction: Philosophical, political, and ethical problems of unity and plurality, monotheism and polytheism', pp. 11-18
Wacker, Marie-Theres, 'Biblical monotheism between dispute and re-vision. Christian and Old Testament viewpoints', pp. 21-33
Sánchez Nogales, José Luis, 'The unity of revealed law: the Torah and the Koran', pp. 34-42
Cornille, Catherine, 'Theism and tolerance in Hinduism', pp. 43-52
Bingemer, Maria Clara, trans. by Paul Burns, '‘You truly see the Trinity where you see love’ (St Augustine, De Trinitate VIII, viii, 12)', pp. 53-63
Torres Quieruga, Andrés, trans. by Paul Burns, 'Monotheism and violence versus monotheism and universal brother-/sisterhood', pp. 67-78
Hammes, Erico, 'The Triune God versus authoritarianism', pp. 79-89
Amaladoss, Michael, 'The one spirit and many gods', pp. 90- 98
Borgman, Erik, 'A new vision – liberating without excluding, specific without identity', pp. 99-104
Eppe, Paul, trans. by J.G. Cumming, 'Karl Rahner’s work twenty-five years later: a lasting legacy and challenge', pp. 107-112
Gibellini, Rosino, trans. by Paul Burns, 'Monotheism and the language of violence: the theological debate over Jan Assmann’s Moses the Egyptian', pp. 113-118
Marianelli, Massimilano, trans. by Paul Burns, 'The Christian humanism of Simone Weil: the Teramo Convention, December 2008', pp. 119-125
Bremer, Margot, trans. by Paul Burns, 'President Lugo: a dream frustrated?', pp. 126-134


2009 No 3: Eco-theology
Wainright, Elaine, 'The book of the genealogy: how shall we read it?', pp. 13-23
Boff, Leonardo, 'Earth as Gaia: an ethical and spiritual challenge', pp. 24-32
Elvey, Anne,' Ashes and dust: on (not) speaking about God ecologically', pp. 33-42
Wilfred, Felix, 'Toward an inter-religious eco-theology', pp. 43-54
Aguirre, Alicio Cáceres, 'Eco-theology: epistemological approaches', pp. 55-65
Haers, Jacques, 'Environmental theologies as processes of ecclesiogenesis and common discernment', pp. 67-75
Darragh, Neil, 'An ascetic theology, spirituality, and praxis', pp. 76-85
Ress, Mary Judith, 'Latin American women: ‘We are leaving behind patriarchal constructs and pushing toward something new’ ', pp. 86-94
Clammer, John, 'Learning from the earth: reflections on theological education and the ecological crisis', pp. 95-101
De Costa Júnior, Josias, 'Theology and ecology: Moltmann and Boff', pp. 103-108
Susin, Luiz Carlos, 'Sister Dorothy Stang: a model of holiness and martyrdom', pp. 109-113
O’Sullivan, Marian, 'An Tairseach: a Dominican response to ecological awareness', pp. 114-119
Azariah, Jayapaul, 'Ethical management of natural resources', pp. 120-126
Gowdie, Jill, 'A reflection on World Youth Day 2008', pp. 127-130



What's On

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Transforming time: eschatology and the New Testament
Veganism: practice, ethics and challenges
Christian perspectives on War
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November '15

Mission in the 19th and 21st centuries
Transforming time: eschatology and the New Testament
Mission in the 19th and 21st centuries
Transforming time: eschatology and the New Testament
Of Kingship, Sex, Murder and Intrigue... Wrapped in Irony!