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Health and Safety

We do all that we can to ensure that all visitors of every age have a safe and enjoyable visit. We recommend that you make a preliminary visit and risk assessment prior to bringing any group in order to familiarize yourself with the site.

  • First Aid and Accidents

    We advise that one of the adults accompanying any group should have First Aid training. Should you require First Aid a member of staff should seek assistance from the Sacrist's office, Cathedral Gift Shop or Welcome Desk, all of which contain First Aid points.

  • Emergency and Fire Arrangements

    In the event of an emergency, a warning will sound asking all visitors to leave the building. Please exit to either the Upper or Lower Close Green.

  • Health and safety

    We regularly carry out Risk Assessments for our own purposes and would particularly draw your attention to the following:

    • especial care should be taken where candles are lit
    • there are heavy doors leading into the Cloister; care should be taken when opening them especially in windy conditions
    • please take especial care should there be scaffolding even though this will normally be cordoned off.

    However it is important that all visiting groups carry out their own Risk Assessment based on the needs and abilities of their group. We recommend that an adult representative of the group make a preliminary visit for this purpose. The Dean and Chapter do not accept responsibility for any injury to persons or loss of objects during visits to Cathedral property.

  • Adult – student ratio

    Please ensure that you provide sufficient adults for the number of students. Quite apart from the students' safety we have found that visits are more rewarding for all concerned when adults can actively support the students' learning. To this end we suggest that adult helpers might like to visit our website ahead of their visit to familiarise themselves with the building, its treasures and stories.

  • Responsibility for students whilst on Cathedral property

    Teachers and helpers must remain with their group at all times and are reminded that they, and not the Cathedral staff, are responsible for the discipline and behaviour of their students. Parties should be aware of the needs of worshippers and other visitors to the Cathedral and show respect at all times. Should behaviour be unacceptable, the student(s) will be asked to leave and any Guide may choose to end a tour which is in progress.

  • Child Protection Policy

    The Schools Officer and Community Learning Officer have full enhanced clearance through the Criminal Records Bureau.

  • Photographs of children

    Group permits are available at £3.00 for cameras and videos but are not needed if you have booked a tour as this covers the cost of a photography permit. The Education Department may take photographs for promotional purposes. Please contact the Schools Officer (01603 218320) if you do not want your group to be photographed.

    There may also be visitors to the Cathedral taking photographs. We realise this could pose a problem should any children be on the at-risk register but regret that it is beyond our control.

  • Security

    The Cathedral is open to visitors at all times so please be aware of the need for security for children and personal belongings.

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