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Day Programmes for KS2 and 3


Please be aware that content and delivery is pitched according to age. Programmes take place 10.00am - 2.00pm.

Key Stage
It's a Monk's Life!

An RE, SMSC, History, Art and Design, Music day for young prospective ‘candidates’ to explore the life of the Benedictine monks in the 14th century. All 7 concepts of Christianity will be explored through the Benedictine Rule and how the monk’s beliefs shaped their lifestyle for over 400 years. Role play, singing plainsong, creating bookmarks, herbal remedies (in season).


£4.00, maximum of 60 pupils.
What Does it Mean for Christians to Welcome the Stranger?

An RE, SMSC, drama and art based day for children to engage, enquire, explore, evaluate and express as they investigate the Christian concept of hospitality in the Cathedral past and present. 14th century role play of monks welcoming strangers, talking to staff and learning how the Cathedral community welcomes people today, creating a giant Welcome banner for families.

£4.00, maximum of 60 pupils.
How the Nabbing Normans Nurtured Norwich Cathedral

An RE, SMSC, History, Art and Design day to investigate the impact of the Cathedral on Norman Norwich, exploring its preparation, construction and function as a place to honour God from 1096 to the present day. Architectural tour inside and out, tools, artefacts, illustrations, designing Norman arch, exploring Christian values now and then.


£4.00, maximum of 60 pupils.
What's On

October '14

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