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Additional Resources

There are many ways we can help you and your students find out more about Norwich Cathedral; these can be used before or after you come here. Many are valuable even if you cannot visit in person, for example the Norwich Cathedral Guide Book.

  • Written Resources

    Cathedral Priory Resource Booklet (£2.00)
    This booklet for teachers explores the Cathedral Priory in detail, providing source material on the Benedictines, monastic life and other Orders in Norfolk. Please contact the Schools Officer to discuss and order (01603 218320/218321)

    Norwich Cathedral Guidebook (£4.95)
    The Cathedral Guidebook is available from the Cathedral Gift Shop and online before or after your visit.

    Discovery Trails (£1.75)

    Trails to suit a range of ages and interests are available from the Cathedral Gift Shop or Welcome Desk near the west door.

    The 3 Serpents of the North Door (£5.99)

    Set in Norwich Cathedral and elsewhere in Norwich the book sees Tom and Emma Buxton embark upon a thrilling journey through time. Meeting a host of weird and wonderful characters along the way, the children piece together clues to unlock the North Door and send them home. But beware the 3 Serpents! These devilishly treacherous and cunning giant snakes await the unfortunate time traveller and will devour all those who fail in their mission! The book was written by Saul Penfold, former Head of Education and illustrated by Jim Kavanagh. It is available from the Cathedral Gift Shop or online.

    Norwich Interfaith Map and Directory (cost of postage only although a donation would be appreciated)
    Information about the different places of worship across Norwich which have an educational resource complete with contact details. An A4 size map and copy of the Directory can be downloaded from the Community Learning Section of this site but to obtain a large wall-size poster please contact the Schools Officer (01603 218320).

    Learning Map of Norwich (cost of postage only although a donation would be appreciated)
    Information about key cultural and heritage sites across Norwich with an educational resource complete with contact details. Please contact the Schools Officer (01603 218320) to order.

    Norwich Cathedral Herb Garden (£5.00)
    Have you enjoyed a workshop in the Herb Garden? Learn more about this garden, the original monastic Herb Garden and the many different uses of the plants and herbs found there. This beautifully illustrated book is written by Polly Lavender and Jo Statham both of whom are actively involved with the Herb Garden. It can be bought online or from the Cathedral Gift Shop.

    Walking the Labyrinth (£5.00)
    Have you walked the Labyrinth? Jane Sunderland, who designed the Labyrinth, has drawn on many traditions and personal experience to create seven exercises for use in a Labyrinth. It can be bought online or from the Cathedral Gift Shop.

  • Non-written resources

    We can support your visit in many other ways as well as our various written resources. We can also work with other members of the Norwich Education Network to combine your visit to the Cathedral with visiting another local attraction.

    Our  Hostry Visitor and Education Centre is now open and the dedicated educational facilities mean we can offer schools many exciting new opportunities.

    Follow-up Lessons (£50 per half day) - Suitable for all Key Stages and above
    We are happy to come into school after your visit to the Cathedral and deliver a follow-up lesson. This can be themed to follow any of the topics focused on during the visit, and is supported by a range of resources - vestments, artefacts, costumes, visual aids and music. Please contact Juliet Corbett, our Schools Officer (01603 213321) for further details.

    Cathedral Gift Shop
    Situated at the back of the Nave, the Cathedral Gift Shop has a large range of gifts, books and cards suitable for all ages and budgets. A visit to the shop can form part of any visit. To make your life easier and avoid lots of youngsters shopping all at once, your group can pre-order our special childrens’ goodie bags to collect at the end of your visit. The Cathedral Gift Shop is open Monday to Saturday, 9.15am - 5.00pm as well as online.

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