Organ scholarships

Please note, the position of organ scholar is not free at present and we are not taking applications or holding auditions at the moment. 

A scholarship at the Cathedral is usually ideal for:

  • a gap-year student, prior to further study at university or music college;
  • post-graduates seeking to gain experience as a Cathedral musician

In some circumstances, the scholarship may be renewable for a second year, and it would also be possible for a student to hold the organ scholarship whilst studying at the University of East Anglia.

Organ scholars are provided with rent-free accommodation alongside their salary (currently £10,000 per annum). The organ scholar is also able to increase his or her earnings by playing for extra services and events at the Cathedral, as well as through other musical work in the local area.

The organ scholar is effectively a second assistant organist at the Cathedral, participating regularly in the music at Cathedral services. The precise nature of his or her duties is, to some extent, determined by the scholar's skill and musicianship. It is intended, first and foremost, to be an educational scholarship to help the candidate gain as much experience as possible as a church musician. The Master of Music involves the organ scholar fully in the running of the Cathedral Choirs, asking them to assist with the rehearsing and training of both boy and girl choristers, and the directing of services from time to time. The organ scholar will also be asked to assist in the general administration of the music department.

Prospective organ scholarship candidates should be skilled organists of at least Grade 8 standard (ARCO desirable) and be able to demonstrate fluency in sight-reading, transposition, score-reading and improvisation skills. Some previous experience of choral accompaniment is also desirable.