Diocese launches new Christmas film

19 November 2015
Have you seen the new Diocese of Norwich video 'The Story of Christmas'? We love it! Featuring Bishop Graham James as narrator, it's fun but also carries an important message about the true meaning of Christmas...
A picture of a still from the Diocesan Christmas Film

In an increasingly commercialised world, the seasonal ad campaign for large retail corporations has come to mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. A recent study showed that, shockingly, just 12 per cent of adults know the nativity story, and more than one-third of children don't know whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas.

In order to make more people aware of the nativity story, the Diocese of Norwich has created a new video to counterbalance the ‘seasonal ad'; to help more people discover the true meaning of Christmas, through an engaging video.

The short film depicts Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus and the visiting shepherds and wise men, and has been made in beautiful animation - a style which will appeal to both children and adults alike, with Bishop Graham James as narrator. 

Bishop Graham, speaking at the Norfolk Christian Digital Communications Awards, where the film was launched, said: "Everyone celebrates Christmas. Not everyone knows the story of Christmas, though they often think they do. So we need to tell it as vividly as possible in the language of today."

The Venerable Jan McFarlane, Archdeacon of Norwich said: "For vast numbers of people Christ is still very much at the heart of Christmas, even if their knowledge is a little hazy. Our hope is this film will remind us of the wonder which lies at the very heart of Christmas in the form of a tiny infant born to teach us the power of unconditional love."

To take a look at the video click here.