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By The Revd Canon Andy Bryant, Canon for Mission and Pastoral Care - 19 April 2021

When you re-open a cathedral after a national lockdown who are you going to call? Simples; the answer is volunteers.

Volunteers have always been at the heart of our life at Norwich Cathedral, supporting our dedicated staff in a wide range of areas of Cathedral life and being at the forefront of the welcome to our visitors.

And this has never been more so than since we re-opened. Volunteers have been there helping ensure our visitors are both safe and feel safe. They have embraced new ways of working and adapted as regulations have changed and our practices have had to evolve. All be it hidden behind a face covering, with a welcoming smile, they have explained the new ways to enjoy the Cathedral, share in our worship, use the library, answered people’s questions and dealt with visitor’s concerns. They have even helped welcome back our very first school groups.

Their commitment and dedication is really something very special. For some Norwich Cathedral is like a second home where they are wrapped up in many different parts of Cathedral life. For some it is a love of the building, for others it is meeting visitors and the friendship with fellow volunteers. Others speak of giving something back, of just wanting to know they are helping, of enjoying passing on their knowledge and the pleasure of sharing the building with others. Whatever their motivation in some way volunteering gives them an enjoyment and a sense of purpose that keeps them coming back week after week. Our Cathedral life is in so many way enriched by their presence. They are a wonderfully diverse group of people vital to the hospitality we share with our visitors, who are themselves also a wonderfully diverse group of people.

And now we are gathering a team of volunteers to welcome Dippy to Norwich Cathedral. Some are from our existing pool of volunteers but most are volunteering with the Cathedral for the first time. The reasons for volunteering range enormously from those with childhood memories of visiting Dippy at the Natural History Museum in London whilst others just love the idea of getting to know Norwich Cathedral better.  Many have said how much they enjoyed Seeing it Differently and the helter-skelter in August 2019 and would love to be involved in another unique Cathedral event. There are those who are dinosaur buffs (or have grandchildren who are!), yet others admit to knowing little about these fascinating creatures but know how much others, especially children, love them.

So why not come and join us and be part of the Dippy team. We want Dippy’s visit to help lift our spirits during these challenging times and we hope too it will provide a boost our city and its economy. Our Dippy volunteers will be at the heart of this great adventure and helping ensure all who come to meet Dippy will have a happy and memorable time.

To find out more about our Dippy on Tour volunteer opportunities click here

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