Visual Story: My Cathedral

By Bobby Burrage - 06 January 2016
I’ve been working with Norwich Cathedral for several years – creating a new brand identity, printed literature and various advertising campaigns. For the most recent project James, the Cathedral’s Marketing Manager, and I turned to visual storyteller, Hal Shinnie, to create a series of images for a campaign titled ‘My Cathedral’.

The campaign features real people and stories. As well as commissioning a portrait of each person, we spent time with them, eating cake, drinking coffee and taking the opportunity to learn more about them and their own personal reasons for choosing to include Norwich Cathedral as part of their lives.

Each poster from the campaign includes a quote from our conversation, their name, vocation and is, in turn, signed off with the hashtag #mycathedral.

First up was London born Mide, a law student at UEA and also a spoken word artist. She says that the Cathedral is an inspiring setting, where she likes to work on her poetry.

A picture of Mide Sotubo
Ben is a trainee solicitor at Leathes Prior, a law firm in Norwich city centre. He takes 20 minutes out of his lunch break every day for quiet time in the Cathedral.

A picture of Ben Wild
Kate comes to the Cathedral to worship, saying that she finds the music ‘so uplifting’.

A picture of Kate Winser
Tim, a busy Chief Executive, keeps half a day aside in his diary each month, to reflect and seek clarity about the challenges and opportunities facing his organisation.

A picture of Tim Sweeting
And lastly, Jan volunteers in the Cathedral’s Refectory Café, offering a warm and loving welcome to guests.

A picture of Jan Morton
This campaign is the true definition of collaboration. Special thanks to James for his creativity and making this project happen. Thank you to Hal for creating these beautiful images. And, of course, thanks to the people who gave up their time to be photographed – it was an honour to meet you and hear your stories.

More information about Bobby's design agency, The Click, is available here. Meanwhile you can see other work by photographer, Hal Shinnie, here.

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  1. Alison Whittle | Jan 07, 2016

    Its the most amazing work and as another person who spends a lot of time in this amazing building each week holding a space for meditation and worshiping..... I really love the way you have captured the relationship of how the space speaks or holds individuals passing through .... that you have given their names and job titles ... offering equality.. especially dearest Jan who recruited me to be a cathedral volunteer.  I've been part of the worshiping community since 2000 and its taken until I met Jan in 2014 that I became an accepted part of the Community and yet I am still asked regularaly by stewards if I'm a visitor....even at Sunday coffee mornings..... because I am single, white female on her own?  I don't know... I've trained many of Boots staff not to say 'can I help you'  but to just answer a look that says I need something.... I wish stewards could find some way of saying 'what did you think of todays service' or 'do you come here often' .... just not 'are you a visitor..... meaning you are an 'outsider'??? not part of this community?

    many thanks for getting rid of the awfulness of the old site and inspiring and teasing out the essence of the fabric of the sacred geometry of the endless worship that happens everyday that gives the Cathderal its spaces of connection for those needing comfort, silence, inspiration, solice, hospitality, listening....

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