Class 3B and their dazzling yellow coach!

By Class 3B, St William’s Primary School - 20 November 2015
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Early one morning Class 3B from St William’s Primary School jumped on a bright yellow coach and zoomed all the way to Norwich Cathedral. The students enjoyed their visit so much they decided to write their first ever blogs about the experience! We absolutely love them and so we decided to share them with you too…

'Norwich Cathedral!!!' By Indie
hildren time to go!
At quarter past nine
The whole of year three went to the Norwich Cathedral
Hyper children from St William’s Primary School have jumped on a coach to the Cathedral
Every one of them is excited
Dramatic teachers sooooooo excited to go
Rickety old bricks
And cobwebby doors
Lovely and kind people. Let’s enjoy ourselves!!!

'Hello World' by Luca
Early one moning 3B and 3GS went on a school trip to the cathedral. We zoomed to our desternatoin we then went in side the lovely building and it was huge – like as big as a giant. I was amazed how big it was!

'Cathedral' by Alfie

We went to the Cathedral. We sor sum graves it looked haunted and it got more creepy with the music.

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